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Have fun while saving Earth!

Download Climate Game here!

Intro Special

What is this game about?

Create you own self-sustained world while saving Earth! You are stranded on a desert island; you must plant, harvest, cook and build a thriving sustainable business.

Hi Guys, We know building a successful business can be a bit challenging. So if you run out of gold follow these simple steps to generate more. Invest it wisely!

Step 1 Enter store on the top right corner

Step 2 Watch ads to generate diamonds. Each ad gives you 5 diamonds.

Step 3 Convert diamonds to gold in the store.

Expand your island by reducing water level. 

Use modern design to create your own products.

Plant and harvest in your garden. Catch, grow and compost your own!

Spin the slot machine!

Sell your products in the market.

Recycle what you find and resell them!

Climate Game android download from Google store
Download Climate Game from app store